Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why won't my backBarButtonItem use its action?

Or, How to make a backBarButtonItem send its action to its target.

Answer: you don't.

Because a backBarButtonItem is a UIBarButtonItem, it has "target" and "action" properties, leading you to believe that if you assign values to those properties, shit will happen. Alas, shit will not happen. Or rather, the usual shit will happen, but not the extra shit you hoped would happen. The backBarButtonItem is special - no matter what you do with those properties, «target» will never receive a message for «action».

What you can do instead is assign a delegate to either your UINavigationController or UINavigationBar. Both of these classes have delegate protocols that give you opportunities to act when the stack of view controllers changes. I've been using my root view controller as the delegate object, since that one never gets popped off the stack.

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